Jeremy @ 20 weeks

Jeremy @ 20 weeks
At 20 weeks we found out about CDH on April 19 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Visited the NICU!

June 6 2011 I had an appointment at Lutheran General to check the fluids around the baby. After that I met with the head nurse of the NICU. I was able to see for my own eyes the echmo machine and all the breathing machines that baby Jeremy will be on. She explained very well on how each one worked and what is does. Its a little scary to think that this poor little baby will be on all these machines to help him survive. We also walked through and saw other babies that were in the NICU. Some were preemies and others had other birth defects. It made me sad to think very soon I will be here. I am 27 weeks and the time is going quickly. Jeremy moves around a lot in my belly. I hope he is ready for all this and is a fighter!  I am still waiting on St. Louis for an answer to the review board if they will be able to do something now! I really don't like waiting! God please help baby Jeremy.

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