Jeremy @ 20 weeks

Jeremy @ 20 weeks
At 20 weeks we found out about CDH on April 19 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Today I met with the neonatologist!

Had the meeting at Lutheran General with one of the neonatologist. There are 18 different doctors! He was really nice but pretty much told me how he thought it might be. Which was more bad news! I am so sick of hearing all the bad! I hope soon something good will happen! With Jeremy he has a bad case of CDH his heart is on the right side and all the organs are in the other side. Which is making the lungs not grow that much. The main concern is how little his lungs are and the hypertension. When he is born the doctor said they will put a breathing tube in him a.s.a.p!  Then they will give him medicine to relax him so he leaves the tubes and other stuff alone. Then if he can't handle that they put him on the ecmo machine. Which they should only be on for at least 4 weeks. The doctor said the bad part about ecmo is getting the baby off and breathing on his own. The lungs have years to grow but if they can't function without a machine, what kinda of life is that? After that meeting I had a stress test on the baby to do! Jeremy moved so much that they had to try and do an ultrasound. That must not have worked I have to come back monday to do it all over again.

God bless you Jeremy, mommy loves you!

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