Jeremy @ 20 weeks

Jeremy @ 20 weeks
At 20 weeks we found out about CDH on April 19 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I get to go home today!

This morning the doctor on call said I could go home! I am a little worried about going home.  I have had a wonderful nursing staff take care of me for days so it will be weird to be on my own. So very thankful for meeting all the nurses and talking with them! They also helped me too! I can get through this! I have made it this far! I just have to remember one day at a time! On thursday Bobby wont be working so he can help! Which makes me feel better that he will be home! I met with a few people today about planning for when Jeremy comes! That way we have everything planned out like who will be at the delivery, pictures, and also so someone keeps us informed when he is born so we are in the loop. So there will be a written document that states all of our wishes for Jeremy and they will make sure they follow it!  I also had an ultrasound today Jeremy looked so cute he was sucking on his thumb! They checked to see how dilated I am which I haven't changed at all! So that is good! I have to keep taking medicine and my next appointment with the doctor is on tuesday!

Jeremy thank you for staying in mommy's belly! We love you so much!

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